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NSK 6805 DD (Contact Seal) Deep Groove Ball Bearing - 25x37x7mm

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What It Is

Experience unparalleled smoothness and efficiency in your pedal strokes with NSK Deep Groove Ball Bearings. As a meticulous Japanese bearing company, NSK yields over 100 years of bearing expertise that ensures unmatched precision and durability. These 6805 bearings are compatible with various models of our Best-in-Class Module One, G.A.S., Module 45 and Module 47 Bottom Brackets.

Why It’s Better

NSK Deep Groove Ball Bearings: NSK is renowned for precision and quality. The super-finished bearing races and high-grade balls minimise friction for a noticeably smoother, quieter and longer ride. This reduced friction translates to more of your watts going directly to propulsion. Furthermore, the ultra-clean steel construction and advanced grease technology deliver extended bearing life, reducing maintenance needs. Their superior durability protects your bottom bracket from wear and tear. These bearings are the workhorse of the bearing industry, ideal for a wide range of applications due to their:

  • Versatility: Accommodating both radial and moderate axial loads in both directions, making them suitable for Bottom Brackets, and in rarer cases, Hub applications.
  • Smooth, Quiet Operation: High-grade balls and super-finished raceways minimize friction and noise, ensuring exceptional performance.
  • Durability: Manufactured from ultra-clean steel and featuring advanced grease technology, NSK Deep Groove Ball Bearings offer extended bearing life and reduced maintenance needs.

NSK's commitment to quality starts in Japan. NSK manufactures at various sites worldwide but their approach and culture is deeply rooted from their foundations in Japan. Their rigorous manufacturing processes and cutting-edge technology ensure that you receive a bearing built to last. Whether you need a bearing for a high-speed application or require a reliable workhorse for everyday use, NSK Deep Groove Ball Bearings deliver exceptional performance and unmatched durability.

Bearing Seal Types

Contact (DD) Seals
Contact (DD) seals are better for year-round riding and lower maintenance because the seal is in contact with the inner race of the bearing. This makes it extremely difficult for contaminants like dust, dirt, and moisture to reach the inner parts of your bearing whilst doing an excellent job of sealing lubricants inside your bearing.
Non-Contact (VV) Seals
Non-contact (VV) bearing seals are recommended for racing bicycles that are regularly serviced. Non-contact seals do offer lower friction but are also a less robust barrier to dirt and water. They should be considered consumable-like.

*Contact seal bearings are advisable if you race and train on the same bike.


SN-Vitae Bottom Bracket Type:

All SN-Vitae Bottom Brackets that contain 6805 bearings:

  • Module One: BB86, BB92, BB30, BB30A;
  • G.A.S.: BSA, ITA;
  • Module 45: M45-8X;
  • Module 47: M47-68, M47-8X.

What’s Included?


1x High-grade P0 NSK Japanese bearing. Select from either Non-Contact (VV) or Contact (DD) Seal Types.

NSK Bearing Technology

NSK has been a world leader in bearing technology for over 100 years, focusing on creating high-precision, reliable bearings for a vast range of applications. Here's a breakdown of what sets NSK bearing technology apart:

Advanced Materials:

  • Ultra-clean steel: NSK utilises extremely clean steel in their bearings, minimising impurities that can cause wear and tear. This leads to longer bearing life and smoother operation.
  • High-performance lubricants: NSK uses specially formulated greases that reduce friction and extend bearing life. Some bearings are also available pre-lubricated for your convenience.

Manufacturing Precision:

  • Super-finished races: NSK's meticulous manufacturing processes create incredibly smooth bearing races, minimising friction between the balls and the races. This translates to quieter operation and increased efficiency.
  • Tight tolerances: NSK bearings are manufactured to incredibly precise tolerances, ensuring perfect alignment that reducing stress on the bearing components.

Overall Benefits of NSK Bearing Technology:

  • Unmatched reliability: NSK bearings are known for their exceptional durability and long life, reducing maintenance downtime and replacement costs.
  • Smooth and quiet operation: The combination of precision manufacturing and high-quality materials ensures minimal friction for a quieter and more efficient ride or operation.
  • Reduced energy consumption: Lower friction in NSK bearings translates to less wasted energy, improving efficiency. Less watts, more gains.
  • Wide range of applications: With their diverse product portfolio, NSK bearings are suitable for various applications, from bicycles and skateboards to industrial machinery and high-speed trains.

Deep Groove Ball Bearing Installation:

Installing a deep groove ball bearing requires care to avoid damaging the delicate components that make up its precision assembly. Here's how to do it right:


Cleanliness is Key: Ensure your workspace and tools are clean and free of debris. Dirt can significantly shorten bearing life. Ensure the component you’re installing the bearing into is clean too. A 6805 bearing will most likely be installed into a Bottom Bracket casing; thus, you want to make sure the Bearing Bore interface is clean and free from foreign debris.

Inspect the Bearing: Remove the bearing from the box and protective packaging. Carefully examine the bearing for any imperfections or damage before installation.

Correct Tools: Use a bicycle-specific bearing press tool. These tools are designed to apply pressure on the either the inner or outer race of the bearing, ensuring proper fit and minimising the risk of damage. They often come with various sized adapters to fit different bearing diameters commonly used on bicycles. With respect to Bottom Brackets, you want to ensure the adapter tool is applying the pressure on the outer ring. Make sure you choose the correct adapter tool that suits the 6805 bearing.

Bottom Bracket - Bearing Installation Process:

Bottom Bracket Casing: The Bottom Bracket module casing is mostly likely installed in your bike, if not, safely secure the BB casing in readiness for bearing installation.

Align the Bearing: Carefully position the bearing squarely at the entrance of the housing. Ensure its properly aligned to avoid cocking or tilting as this will damage the bearing bore interface.

Use the Press Tool: With the bicycle-specific press tool, place the appropriate adapter up against the bearing and assembly the remainder of the bearing press tool.

Retaining Compound: No matter the bearing fit and tolerance prescribed, we recommend you use Medium Strength Retaining Compound as an additional lubricant to ease installation forces. Apply a very slight amount onto the bearing bore and wipe around the entire circumference of the bore with a cotton bud. A word of warning, not much will be required. So don’t go crazy. Just one or two drops, and then distribute around the circumference with said cotton bud. We aren’t adverse to using Loctite 641 but there are other Medium Strength Retaining Compound solutions out on the market.

Apply Steady Pressure: Using the press tool, apply slow and even pressure to seat the bearing. It should slide into the bearing bore smoothly without excessive force.

Monitor the Fit: Stop pressing once the bearing reaches its designated seating position. Typically, there should be a feel that it has a slight interference fit, where the bearing snugly fits without binding too much. Once you bottom out it should feel like you need to apply far too much force to proceed further. Stop once this feeling is achieved.

Additional Tips for Bottom Bracket Bearing Installation:

Never apply force directly to the inner race of the bearing. This can cause damage and compromise performance. Likewise, we don’t advise re-use of bearings that have been removed by grabbling onto the inner ring.

DO NOT use a plastic mallet and drift punch as an alternative to a press tool. This defeats the purpose of such precision elements.

If significant force is needed to seat the bearing, it might be misaligned or the wrong size. Stop and re-evaluate to avoid damaging the bearing.

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